Fusion Drive and CoreStorage

In this video I explore the Fusion Drive, which is actually an implementation of CoreStorage Volumes, how its structured as a file system, what differences there are in an OS X installation to the Fusion Drive versus a standard drive, and then how to create your own.

The following post will contain the script that I demonstrate in the video.


3 thoughts on “Fusion Drive and CoreStorage

  1. my macbook has a ssd and a spinning disk but i have them separate. OS X is installed on the ssd. if i run these commands i know it will wipe my drives, after its done can i restore from a time machine backup?

    • Do you mean that if I boot from usb mac install and instead of reinstalling I use a time machine backup to restore my system it would work just fine?

      • Wow, I really butchered my reply comment from my iPhone. Deleted that.

        What I was trying to communicate was that what I have done is a clean install of OS X from an external disk after creating the Fusion Drive and then, during the Setup Assistant, restored my Time Machine backup to that.

        I haven’t yet tried making a new Fusion Drive and then using just the Time Machine to restore. I can’t see why that wouldn’t work, but just telling you I haven’t tried the workflow with a Fusion Drive yet.

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