My @BoxWorks Schedule

I’ll be flying out to San Francisco this Sunday to attend BoxWorks13.  If anyone from that area catches this and wants to connect, let me know.  My flight into SFO arrives around 1:30 PM and the conference reception kicks off at 6:00 PM.

After pouring through the session lists, here’s what I’ve nailed down for my schedule:


9:00 AM: Opening Keynote
11:00 AM: The New Box –or– 5 APIs That Are Changing Business (I’m undecided, have an opinion?)
1:30 PM: Second Keynote
2:30 PM: 5 Ways to Make Your Business More Secure
3:30 PM: Building Game Changing Content Apps With Box
4:30 PM: Succeeding in Times of Change


9:00 AM: Keynote
10:00 AM: Customer Success
10:45 AM: The Box Road Map
11:45 AM: The Future of Cloud
1:00 PM: Secure Content Collaboration
2:00 PM: Box One Cloud
3:00 PM: Unleash the Box Content API

I’m very interested in learning more about leveraging the API for tasks and services as well as seeing how others are handling collaboration and possibly adopt some of those practices.  Altogether, I’m super excited for BoxWorks!


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