Update App Info – New Script on GitHub

As usually happens with us, I went digging around in some old folders I had been stashing a bunch of old (frankly, quite ugly) code and came across something I had done as a proof of concept.




The issue this tries to address is that the JSS never updates a posted app after you have created it.  So “Microsoft Word for iPad” became “Microsoft Word” several versions later, and your users will see this in the App Store, but in Self Service it still has the old name, version number, description and icon.

The original script only dealt with version numbers to address the problem with the Self Service web clip sending false positives for app updates (for admins who chose to show them).  What happened is the version installed on a device wouldn’t match the one in the JSS  (they would, in fact, be at a higher version usually) and the end-user would see an update for that app that didn’t exist.

I don’t know if many admins do that any more, or use the Self Service web clip for that matter, but the problem of inaccurate app names and description text still remained for Self Service.

That is what this takes care of.


Currently the script doesn’t handle the icon portion due to an issue with the API I encountered.  I’ll be adding that functionality in once I’m sure it will work without error.  It will, however, run on Mac/Linux/Windows so you have flexibility in how you go about using it.  Check out the README for more details.

Quick note: If you are using anything I’ve posted to GitHub and run into problems please use the ‘Issues’ feature to let me know and I’ll see about making updates to fix it.


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