Blog switch up

I haven’t been posting to the blog with as much frequency as I used to. Partially, I think this is due to my ideas around larger, more in depth posts that require a lot more time sitting down and crafting.

I’m going to try something different post Penn State MacAdmins. I want to start forcing myself to write more technical content, but in smaller bite-sized pieces that focus on fundamentals rather than all encompassing solutions. Topics that are generic, but provide examples which can be used as building blocks. As these are smaller, and more example driven, I’m going to set a goal to post every week on Monday morning, and maybe Wednesday too if I have enough posts in the pipeline.

On Fridays, I want to start posting “Dev Updates”. I have a number of projects that I have open sourced and am committed to updating for Mac admin community. These projects do have channels in the MacAdmins Slack, and their GitHub repos are linked there, but keeping up for followers would involve a lot of back scrolling to find out what has been discussed. I plan to include in these weekly updates: new issues raised on GitHub, recapping discussions from the Slack channels, and describing any work that has been done during that week on features/bugs. This should not only provide a digestible status updates for those who want them, but help keep me focused.

The ultimate goal here is that I’m writing more again. When it comes to learning and bettering myself professionally, there are two ways I go about it: post about it publicly, or present on it publicly. Both of which force you to cover all your bases in the face of public scrutiny.

We’ll see how this goes.

Author: Bryson Tyrrell

AWS serverless developer from the Twin Cities. Former benevolent Casper Admin at Jamf, helped cofound Twin Cities Mac Admins @MspMacAdmns,, avid Python coder.

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