Conference Presentations

JAMF Nation User Conference 2012
Managing the Unmanageable

My first presentation, given the year I joined Jamf, talking about IT within the company and using our own product.

Atlassian Summit 2015
Extensibility Usability and Fun

My second opportunity to speak at a conference was offered by Atlassian after I published some work done on creating an app to provide the one feature our users missed after switching from Microsoft Lync to Hipchat: automatic presence.

(Sadly, the AV crew at Summit lost the only copy of the video)

JAMF Nation User Conference 2015
Novel Solutions with JAMF IT

After two years, I return to JNUC to discuss scripted solutions to uniquely Jamf challenges and hopefully provide some inspiration and examples for other admins to take away.

Penn State MacAdmins 2016
Craft Your Own GUIs with Python and Tkinter

I was excited to have an opportunity to speak at another Mac admin-centric conference when I was accepted for Penn State. The session would end up being the most popular talk I’ve done thus far with over 67K+ views (as of this post)!

(The keynote template I made took direct inspiration from Apple’s 2016 event)

Jamf Nation User Conference 2016
An Intro to Webhooks

I made a lot of commitments to one of Jamf’s product managers for content revolving around webhooks when the feature came into Jamf Pro v9.93. On top of GitHub examples and blog posts, I was given a speaking slot at JNUC with Corey Honadel (the Software Engineer behind the magic) to provide an introduction to this feature and what it would allow Jamf admins to build now that they could easily leverage real-time events for automation.

Penn State MacAdmins 2017
How Docker Compose Changed My Life

By the time I returned to Penn State for the second time as a speaker I had already been transitioning away from being a Casper Jamf Pro administrator on the IT team to a more development focused role. Before attending, I had moved departments and joined our Cloud Engineering team.

I had written a number of services for Jamf internally at this point (an internal avatar server and DNS name registration service), and I had deployed these as containerized applications using Docker Compose. In this presentation, I walked through how I came to use Docker Compose for my development, and ultimately my deployment, process.

Jamf Nation User Conference 2017
Webhooks Part Deux!

Oliver Lindsey (a Jamf Professional Services Architect) joins me for another session focused on the webhooks feature of Jamf Pro. Only this time we focus on real world examples that have been built around the event framework, and Oliver gives a deep dive into a PHP-based solution he worked on for one of our customers.

MacAD.UK 2018
Your Code Should Document Itself

My second time attending the London based Mac admins conference, I spoke on how I document my Python projects (personal and at Jamf) using docstrings, reStructuredText, and Sphinx: a tool for generating rich documentation.