Windows 7 on a Cr-48

She’s currently updating right now…

I came into possession of a second Cr-48 Chromebook yesterday (yes, be jealous) and decided to go ahead and try hacking that one with different operating systems.  First up was Windows 7 which would have fewer compatibility issues than Mac OSX.  Originally I was to use Hexxeh’s Luigi firmware to do the job, but he informed me earlier that he had taken it down.  A little Google searching later and I found an excellent alternative:

The guide to flashing the BIOS through the shell is on the main page.  Very easy and straightforward and even instructions for how to backup the existing BIOS (but not to copy, I had to go learn that one on my own).  So, with the critical step completed I reset the new BIOS settings and enabled USB booting…

Showing off her base circuits…
They’re like estranged brothers now.

The install went without any incidents and the former Chromebook is now running 77 updates including a much needed Synaptics Trackpad update.  I plan to see how well she runs for a couple weeks before performing the process again using a Mac OSX USB installer.  Stay tuned for impressions.  Have questions?  Shoot them to me in comments or on Twitter @bryson3gps

Public Service Announcement

In case some of you missed this important bit of news from the other day: Star Trek, Star Trek the Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space 9, Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Enterprise will all be on Netflix this summer.  That’s 28 years of science fiction excellence streamed directly into your home entertainment system.

Make it so.